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If you wish to join the UKMPG, you must read and agree to the constitution, below, and fill in the application form, which can be downloaded by clicking here



1. Name. The Group shall be called the U.K. Mammography Physics Group.

2. Aims. The Group is organised for the purpose of enabling its members to keep in touch with developments, to learn from each other, to discuss problems, to advance knowledge, and to arrange collaborative projects, in the field of physics applied to imaging in mammography with particular emphasis on the National Breast Screening Programme.

3. Membership. Membership of the Group shall be open to physicists, technologists and other healthcare professionals at the officers’ discretion, who have an active involvement in the field of physics applied to imaging in mammography. Membership is not open to manufacturers or their agents.

4. Officers. A Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary/Treasurer and Website Editor(s) shall be elected by the members for a term of 3 meetings and may not serve in the same post for more than 6 consecutive meetings. The Officers shall direct the business of the Group. The Secretary shall hold a list of members and shall be responsible for compiling minutes of each business meeting and informing the members of the business of the Group. The Website Editor(s) shall be responsible for managing the group’s website (see paragraph 6). Up to two Website Editors may be elected at any one time to share the duties of this post.

5. Meetings. The Group shall hold meetings to discuss scientific matters of relevance to members. The frequency of the meetings shall be approximately twelve monthly. A short part of each meeting shall be used for the discussion of business matters. The scientific meetings are open to both members and non-members, but attendance at meetings is at the officers’ discretion.

6. Website and Mailbase. The Group shall use the website and Mailbase to disseminate information of relevance to members. Sensitive contents of the website will be password protected to ensure circulation to members only. Presentations, business minutes from meetings and other contributions shall be collated by the Website Editor(s) and published on the website.

7. The Constitution may be altered by a two-thirds majority of those present at a business meeting of the Group. The quorum for a business meeting shall be 20% of the membership. If this number is not reached then the meeting will still continue but decisions will be made electronically though a voting system after the meeting. Notice of proposed changes to the constitution must be given to the Chairman at least one month before the meeting; the Chairman must then circulate the proposal to all members before the meeting.

8. Termination of Membership. Members who are no longer active in mammography physics related work may be removed from membership of the Group. Such removals will be at the discretion of the officers of the Group.

October 2009.