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Hammersmith Hospital Meeting

W12 Conferences, London. Thursday 3rd November 2011

The following presentations were made at the Hammersmith meeting of UKMPG

Experiences with Tomosynthesis - lessons to learn from installing a new technology Ben Johnson, Barts, London
Intercomparison of 4 CDMAM phantoms for different spectra Kirsty Hodgson, University Hospitals Birmingham
CDMAM: how many are enough? David Nash, Bristol
The Evaluation of the use of MTF as a quantitative image quality tool in a QA program and comparison to the currently used SWCTF test Clare Joy, Southampton General Hospital
Developing a database of digital mammograms for research purposes Padraig Looney, NCCPM
Tomosynthesis QA for the TOMMY trial Celia Strudley, NCCPM
Magnification and Stereo changes revealed by a Clinical Artefact Ben Rowberry, Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust
Can CNR measurements be used to predict the image quality in terms of contrast detail Chris Borns, KCL, Netherlands
Long-term stability of CDMAM measurements on a Hologic Dimensions and a GE Essential Jenny Oduko, NCCPM
Consistency of CDMAM: is it a useful monitoring tool? Jennifer Cross, University Hospitals Bristol
Mammography Automated Dose Collection Ed McDonagh, Royal Marsden, London
First experiences with NHSBSP 70 and IPEM 102 Ultrasound QA Guidance Katrin Bell (presenter), Mount Vernon Hospital, London; Lauren Morris (author), Imperial College, London
Initial experience with the DMAM threshold contrast test object Tim Wood, Castle Hill Hospital

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